The TechTalk Podcast Series

The TechTalk Podcast is an exciting new podcast series that leads listeners on a fascinating discovery of mind-blowing new tech start-ups, from the hottest innovation hubs across the world.

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The TechTalk Podcast, created by ElectraCast Media and Tech Talk Media, features hosts Jonny Caplan and Jessy Katz, who take listeners on a jaw-dropping journey to discover emerging and revolutionary new tech start-ups and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Join our incredibly charming and enthusiastic co-hosts, Jonny Caplan and Jessy Katz, as they visit a world of flying taxis, holographic food, 3D surgery, medical cannabis innovation, brain gaming and so much more. Meet the creators of autonomous firefighting drones that can secure high-rise fires and emergency situations. Discover the robots that learn on their own, and preserve companionship and the health of our elderly. Discover how A.I. is evolving in unforeseen ways to help humanity. Our hosts take you deep inside each of the companies, to interview start-up founders and explore their amazing innovations. Season One of The TechTalk Podcast explores the red-hot Tel Aviv start-up scene, while future seasons take listeners to New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, London, and Hong Kong. TechTalk gives these architects of our future the opportunity to share their stories with a global audience and ensures you get to hear about it ahead of the curve.

Listen to the TechTalk Podcast on podcast platforms worldwide including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, iHeart Podcast Network, TuneIn, and Amazon Music.

  • Seasons

    Season One (Episodes 1-12) + Shortform (Coming Soon)

  • Format

    • Audio Podcast (Available on Podcast Platforms Worldwide)
    • Documentary Series
    • Innovation, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship
    • 12 x 30min Episodes per Season
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